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    marathon training

    Sadly it doesn't work like that. Time on your feet is what counts. If you don't have time for an 18 or 20 miler, the best thing to do is back to back long runs of, say, 13 & 10 miles, because on the 2nd day you're running on tired legs. You can get by on 3 runs a week; tempo, intervals and a...
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    Cold weather running advice

    My buff ends up as a wristband. I sometimes carry my bunnet by the end of a run. I bought some leggings out of Lidl a few years back and have never found anything to match them since. If it's Baltic, then ilI' wear football (or even ski) socks, and a pair of really thin gloves from sports direct.
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    your first ultra

    It was very similar to marathon training. The first change was to include "back-to-back" runs when I did my long run. If I was doing a long run, I would make sure that there was a good length run the day before or the day after. Quite often I'd do that by doing a 15+ mile run on the way...
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    Track rant

    I asked about using our local high school track. The kind Janny said that I could book it for a group session via the council. I told him I just wanted to use it for myself. He looked around to see if anyone was nearby, leaned in and told me, quietly, "it's not fenced, just go and use it -...
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    Do you carry any ID with you?

    I travelled to a wedding once, left my car at the reception but stayed with family nearby. The next morning I ran to pick up the car. A passing car threw up a stone that hit me in the eye; it hurt, and I couldn't keep it open to see out of. A passing car say me struggling to stay upright and...
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    Running with Little Legs

    Somehow I don't think I'll be getting pulled up hills by this chap, but it is nice to have a new running partner!
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    Running with Little Legs

    We re-homed a dog from the Dogs' Trust earlier this year. The first time I took him out running he was enthusiastic for a half mile, and then struggled to keep going beyond a mile. It didn't help that he was carrying a fair bot of extra weight, and only has little legs. I spent a little while...
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    What app?

    Suunto watch - data is managed through their Movescount app, however you can download Apple and Android versions to your phone and use it to track runs. You can set it up to automatically sync to strava. Much prefer my Suunto to previous Garmin, Polar and Bryton watches.
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    If you could do any race...

    @Mudrock - For shorter ultras on the WHW, there is always the Highland Fling and Devil of the Highlands. If you are based in Scotland, have a look at the Scottish Ultra Marathon Series (SUMS) for a number of other good races.
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    Do you run your commute to work? How do you get your work clothes and shoes to the office?

    I used to cycle into work with 2 days' worth of clothes, then run home the "long" way. Next morning I would run into work and then cycle home with a full back pack. Worked for me.
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    Race number clips. Have you tried EventClips? Are they any good? Wanting an alternative to pins

    If you want to avoid pins, best way is to buy a waist belt. There are plenty to choose from, from just elastic with a buckle through to ones with hoops for gels/ pockets for keys or even pockets large enough for phones. If you are struggling to find one, look in triathlon stores/ websites
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