1. WiltshireWonder

    Swindon parkrun

    This is my new local parkrun - I've only done it once as it's half an hour away and Saturday mornings often have family commitments! This parkrun takes places at Lydiard Park - a stately home to the south west of Swindon. The park is lovely. Be aware that car parking is £2 - something that...
  2. WiltshireWonder

    Crissy Field parkrun, San Francisco

    For a couple of years, this was my local parkrun and it's honestly such a joy. The location is second to none - on a stretch of flat, reclaimed land near the Golden Gate Bridge. The views are the best in the city - the sparkling blue bay, the green of the headlands across the water and that...
  3. WiltshireWonder

    Bushy Park parkrun

    On Saturday, I did the original parkrun in Bushy Park, near Twickenham where I was staying with friends. Bushy Park is really lovely - very big and peaceful, you'd not know you were in London! There was a good amount of parking but it's worth allowing a bit of extra time to ensure you get some...
  4. Bucky

    Parkrun New Year's Day Double

    On New Year's Day some parkruns are hosting an extra event and they are able to stagger the start times, allowing for people to complete 2 parkruns in one day. The list of New Year's day parkruns is here. Any one aiming for the double? I may attempt Watergrove and Huddersfield. I need visit...
  5. S

    A wealth of info on Parkruns in the South East

    This guy has created a blog about Parkruns and his experiences of them, in the blog there is a really detailed description of his runs, they are listed in the "Parkrun Sets" area, he has completed a full report on all the ones he has entered....
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