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Hi. My son’s high school varsity soccer team requires a minimum time of 9 mins for 1.5 miles. As a freshman last year, he barely made the cut at 8:58. As he was prepping 2-3 weeks before, he wasn’t really making the cut. So it was great that he made it. This year, I would like to see him better prepared. He is all set with brand new running shoes. Just needs the right training plan.

Can someone help me put together a running plan for him this summer? I expect that he will be taking the test around August. He has about 1.5 months to train for this.

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Mileage and more mileage. Don't wear your self out on speed focus on distance. One day a week maybe to hill repeats and another do a speed workout, but for the other 3-5 workouts (depending on initial conditioning) work on distance. The distance, at least 3 to 5 miles several times a week, will really help the aerobic fitness. At his age he should see really big increase after 30-45 days. Also work on form, it really does make a difference.
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