Any ex-smokers start running after quitting smoking or as a means of helping you to stop smoking?


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I've noticed a few people on other forums commenting that they got into running as means of helping them quit smoking or as a way of getting fitter after they'd stopped.

How about you? Ever been a smoker? Did running help you get fit after you'd made your mind up to stop smoking? Did running encourage you to quit smoking to improve your health?


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I smoked for years, 'quit' numerous times, when I quit for good it was because of running, initially I started running to cut some body fat as I was weight lifting and playing a little rugby at the time and wanted to get a bit leaner and quicker, soon realised that I quite enjoyed running so started doing longer distances and then soon realised that the smoking was holding me back so jacked it in and I haven't had and don't think I ever will smoke again, the thought of smoking now repulses me and I would be so disappointed in myself if I ever had a cigarette again.

Once that switch had clicked in my head that running performance was more important to me than smoking I found it easy to quit, but I think it's not something you can force on to yourself, you have to genuinely want it deep down.


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Started at about 21 and quit when I was about 45, tried a couple of times to stop then remember "just deciding" as what @TriTom said, you have to want to. Put a chunk of money away each month for 8 years or so and ended up with a fair bit, it build up really quickly, paid for Christmas presents (couple of new bikes!) and a few holidays.

Put of a bit of weight to begin with but eventually came off, felt fitter and "cleaner", and my overall fitness improved, giving up was the best decision I made.
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