Bluetooth or Wireless Headphone Recommendations for Running

Discussion in 'Running Gear and Equipment' started by Redbadger, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Redbadger

    Redbadger Regular Member Staff Member

    Do you have any recommendations for wireless / bluetooth headphones for running?
  2. john59

    john59 Regular Member

    I've been using the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium bone-conducting headphones for the last 8 months and would highly recommend them for running. You can still hear traffic and people around you while listening to music or podcasts etc. They can be had for around £75.00 right now, I paid £109.00 if you look around. A newer model is available, Trekz Air, but that is £149.99.
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  3. carlp

    carlp Active Member

    I don’t use anything, despite my wife buying me an iPod nano and headphones for running, I can’t be doing with the faff of them.
  4. OP

    Redbadger Regular Member Staff Member

    Trying to find a way to write this that makes sense but does the sound sound like 'real' sound - if you know what I mean? Is it the same as listening to music through an in-ear bud?
  5. john59

    john59 Regular Member

    No not like an earbud, I use to run with headphones like that and I could hear every footstep through my body, thump thump.
    The only way I can describe it is that it's like having speakers near your ears but you can still hear around you. If you're in a very loud environment the sound can be drowned out but on my running/cycling routes, they work wonderfully. The sound sounds great to me but I'm no music buff. You can also use them for phone calls during use. Aftershokz review!
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  6. I have Kitsound Arena headphones. I bought them quickly (which I wish I didn't) They are really good don't get me wrong, its just I wish the headbad was adjustable as I have small ears they seem a tiny bit high on my head.

    Still excellent quality sound though and super battery life (I use it 4 times a week around an hour a time though?) I have charged it up twice since December.
  7. Steve

    Steve Regular Member Staff Member

    I've been using Plantronics Back Beat and really like them.
  8. TriTom

    TriTom Active Member

    My wife has bought me Sony NWWS413 for my birthday today, if I ever run again I will let you know what they are like :sad:
  9. Drhysted

    Drhysted Regular Member

    I love aftershokz but have broken quite a few both wired and wireless. All earbud models fallout of my ears, or I have to jam them in so tight it hurts(also as mentioned above you get the thump thump thump as my feet hit the pavement).
    I’ve just ordered the new aftershokz model so see if they’ll last longer, although I can’t complain about aftershokz aftercare.
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  10. TriTom

    TriTom Active Member

    Don't know if it's just me but I'm struggling to install the software to my laptop to get the music on to these. Still haven't got them working, just don't have time to sit for an hour getting them set up.
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