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On Saturday, I did the original parkrun in Bushy Park, near Twickenham where I was staying with friends.

Bushy Park is really lovely - very big and peaceful, you'd not know you were in London! There was a good amount of parking but it's worth allowing a bit of extra time to ensure you get some - we arrived at about 8.35 and we wished we'd got there at 8.30. There are good clean indoor loos by the children's playground and there was no queue.

I was so surprised at the size of the crowd - there were over 1200 people running on Saturday, celebrating the fact it wasn't snowy. There was a good First Timers' briefing and people were friendly as we lined up, especially given that it's London!

The course is almost entirely flat. It starts on grass (which wasn't too muddy) and then you run on hard-packed sand paths for a good amount of the run, veering onto trail for sections. The ground was surprisingly firm underfoot. There was some crowding at the start but I positioned myself near the front and was able to run at my own pace nearly all the time. The course winds around the park and it's very pretty - my friend saw deer but all I saw was the ground in front of me. Marshalls were lovely as ever.

Bushy Park has an intriguing Double Funnel system because it's so popular. I have no idea how they do it but my final time was pretty much the same as my garmin time so it clearly works. There is some waiting in the funnel after the run, it takes maybe 3 minutes to get your timing token but again people were chatty and it went fast enough.

There are two places to get coffee and we took advantage of one of them whilst we watched the cars queue to get out the car park - it took a while so you might need to be patient. The croissants were excellent.

This was a lovely parkrun - very PB-able and a great experience.
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