Can specific "Asics" shoes' avail. be located Only via any serial numbers (+ two letters) inside the shoe?


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Hello fellow runners: my First post. :smile:
One could simply return to Academy to hope to find the same shoe. My heels have certainly worn out, over so many months. I Quit a totally different brand because the store nearby in Cordova TN stopped carrying the type shoe I used for a few years. Enough of that---

In case our Academy no longer stocks this model, there is no other data printed on the shoe.
:whistle: * But No type, No Model, no designation except for a few serial number sequences, and of course Asics.

It might prove necessary to order from the manufacturer, at least in the future, but without the original box, it would be a "W.A.G." (wild *** guess).
"1011A661" is on the upper edge of the tongue. Much lower: "F911119.....BJ".
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