Can you get spikes for your running shoes to stop you slipping on ice?

Discussion in 'Running Gear and Equipment' started by Fresh Start, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Fresh Start

    Fresh Start Member

    Assuming most of you still run in the winter, do you attach anything to your shoes to stop you slipping on unexpected patches of ice or do you have winter running shoes with spikes in?
  2. amasidlover

    amasidlover Active Member

    Yes - and I believe there are cheap clones too: - personally though I tend to either run on gritted roads or go trail running.
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  3. WiltshireWonder

    WiltshireWonder Active Member Staff Member

    I try not to run on ice but I might just switch to trails, good idea. Maybe I need to ask Santa for some gore-tex shoes.
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