Does anyone else take part in this amazing sport? I love it! Most people think its only for big dogs and very fit people.

But it's actually extremely accessible! I hated running up until around January last year when I started to lose a little weight and felt better about running. I started just in the gym and then saw canicross on TV. We had rescued a very cute Parson Jack Russell Terrier (pics to follow) around October 2016. I had never thought I could do it and be good at it.

Of course, trail running is completely different to road running - terrain is tricky and then adding an excitable little dog as well. I don't fit the usual category for canicross - my dog is small and I am not particularly fast....however, since my last competition last year in October, I have managed to take around 3 minutes off my time. :sun:

However, I took part in two duathlons in was alot of fun and definitely gave me some focus as to what I need to work on etc.

Just a brief background on life up till February 2017 wasn't the healthiest or most active. I was in bad place just with my work, friends, partners etc. But a change of job into a leisure centre, surrounded by very supportive and encouraging people meant that I now love exercise and it's a big part of my life.

I have had a couple of back quibbles and twisted the same left ankle twice while doing canicross - but this has just made me realise I need to look after my body more as well as work it - all these things happen for a reason right?!

I know I have gone off topic a little, so I will swing back to canicross - even if you are not that fit or you don't think your dog will like it - it's always worth a try - its surprising that once dogs in a pack start running, they will soon love it!


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Two of my running friends do it and it looks so much fun. I ran with them one time and they streaked up hills, dog-powered, leaving me huffing and puffing behind them. I would seriously love to do it, if I had a dog. Felinecross doesn't sound so much fun!

I think we need photos of your dog though :smile:
Hehe- don't worry, I will find some nice photos of him later- he is such a handsome little dog. I just hate the weather right now as it makes trail running even more risky!!

Even if you can borrow a dog that's had some training, it's definitely a lot of fun ;)
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