CC'er here saying howdy doody.


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Just signed up after getting back into some running again for fitness and weight loss.

Been a CycleChat member for many years but time restraints mean a quick run is easier than a bike ride for me at the moment, particularly with the dark nights and dodgy weather.

I'm in no way a competitive runner, (apart from with myself). My Parkrun time at the moment is about 28 mins, and my PB is about 26, but that's from a few years ago.

I'm in the market for a watch based fitness tracker too. I like Garmin, (I know don't shoot me), as I use Garmin on my bikes and it's never let me down.

That's not to say I wouldn't entertain an alternative, but my criteria means it must be able to store music so I can leave my phone at home. This seems to limit my options somewhat, but any recommendations are welcome.

My budget is around £200, but for the right watch I could possibly push this up by a maximum of about 50%.

So that's me in a nutshell. Glad to be here and hope to continue building and improving my running fitness over the winter so I can quite literally hit the ground running next spring.


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Hi Smokysmoo, I’m from cc too although I started running before cycling, I haven’t been on here for a while as I find it quite depressing when everyone has been for a run but I haven’t been able to fit a while, if I do have an hour or 2 spare I like make the most of it and get out on the bike as it’s not possible to just go for a 2 hr run without some consistent training.

Can’t help you with the garmin I’m afraid.

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Hullo old thing.

FWIW, I bought a Forerunner 645 Music, and love the thing. Training according to HR works really well for me for running, and the training status stuff (it tries to tell whether you're under or over training) is something I like a lot.

You'll be familiar with the Garmin "ecosystem" through the bike GPS (another thing that swung me in the direction of the Forerunner). The running training plans are pretty good, and I tend to use those more or less exclusively.

Forerunner 235 should be in your budget (although it's about to be replaced by the 245 - only the latter will have music). The 645 Music is currently in your stretched budget. Have a look at DC Rainmaker's reviews for an idea of what the different models & brands offer;
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