Daughter Torn Between Soccer & Cross Country. Help!


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So my daughter, 8th grade, decided to try her hand at cross country this year and turns out she really, really loves to run! She has no previous experience with running and has done pretty well on the team. She is running the 3k at around 12:10 which is not great but still good enough to get her in usually the top 3. Next year she will be a freshman and while she has been doing soccer for several years, she is seriously considering doing cross country instead (since she can’t do both). I am a ex marathoner but never ran for speed or even did a 3k or 5k but I do see she has great endurance. My question is this and it may be dumb but..is there a way to somehow figure out her potential *before* she gets to the point where she needs to make a choice between the two sports? I’ve seen some of the other girls her age that have been running for years kinda just hover around the same time with little improvement in speed whereas a couple others have cut down their time significantly. I know training has a lot to do with it but also does genetics. She is really torn and I know some people will say go with the one she loves more but let’s be honest, kids also want to do well in whatever sport they do and she is no different so if she will end up doing just average in hs than she would probably just go with soccer. Thanks in advance!
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