Do you run on your own or do you run with regular partner(s)?


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Alas, mainly alone. Sob. You?


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About 50:50 - I joined and now lead social runs for our 'village' running group - I like having the company but it does mean I don't get a choice of pace - it simply depends on who turns up; some evenings I can be doing 7:30 min/km (12 min/miles) and other evenings it can be 4:05 min/km ( 6:30 min/miles )... - is where we're listed as we get our insurance through them (its a part of England Athletics).


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Mostly alone, sometimes with the Fragrant MrsP, but she runs more than me and often wants to go further.


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99.9% is on my own as I generally have to get out as and when I have a slot free, on the very rare 0.01% I go to the Thursday club run or a parkrun if I'm not working.


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I’m a member of a running club and do regular park runs but outside of that I run on my own. My wife runs too but at a much slower pace which, if I was to stick to, would likely cause me injury in holding back.


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Alone most of the time apart from the Park runs! Mind you I do like losing myself in the podcasts or music I'm listening to while running.
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