Do you throw your ex-running shoes away?


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When your running shoes have done enough, do you throw them away or do you use them for casual wear or give them to a clothing bank or charity shop, etc.?


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Our local running shop have a shoe bank, so I when I purchase a new pair, I leave the old ones behind.:okay:


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My wife usually throws them or forces me to get rid, I become quite attached to my old trainers much to her annoyance as they generally smell and are falling to bits, only really use them for the first month after getting a new pair so I'm not using my new ones for anything other than running then the old ones end up sitting in the cupboard.


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For ones that have just lost their bounce after 500 miles or so I tend to give to the shoe banks - not sure what to do about ones with ripped uppers etc. they tend to hang around until I get fed up and throw them in the bin.
Ha ha I'll let you know if I ever manage to wear a pair out. :laugh:

I like the idea of the shoe bank in Mudrock's shop though. Reusing them must be better than them going to landfill.
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