Does anyone know if it is legal to run on all roads in the UK (except motorways, of course)?


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I was wondering if it's legal to run on all roads in the UK (not motorways) so long as you run towards oncoming traffic and take proper safety precautions?


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I think so, but I don't know for sure. Dual carriageways might be a grey area.


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I don't think there are any rules as such, just sensible precautions to be taken as you've already said.
It's supposed to be more forgiving to the joints to run on the road rather than pavement, but personally I prefer the path.


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As far as I’m aware the roads in this country are the Kings highways and pedestrians have priority at all times. Even on the motorways, in as much as vehicle drivers are supposed to use extreme caution when approaching a ped. Of course you’d be daft to run on busy dual carriageways and motorways.

I run on a lot of roads around here, and make a point of asserting myself when doing so, but I’m also aware that I need to stay safe. Use common sense.


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Some roads and paths are private property and may have no right of way.

Your local council will have a 'definitive map' of rights of way, if you want to check a route.

The definitive maps are the rights of way as recorded by law, useful to check if a road/path is private or whether someone is just claiming it is despite there being an established right of way over the land.

Here is a digital one for Lancashire for example


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Slightly off topic, but have you noticed how some drivers get even closer when passing you than they do if you’re cycling.
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