Fell over tonight

Discussion in 'General Training and Racing Discussion' started by WiltshireWonder, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. WiltshireWonder

    WiltshireWonder Active Member Staff Member

    fell over hard on tonight’s run club outing! Bloody knee, bloody elbow, sore ankle, sore foot, bashed boob, aching ribs!

    Grateful to running buddies for getting me back safely!

    Going to be sore and stiff tomorrow!
  2. amasidlover

    amasidlover Active Member

    Ouch - the question with falling over in a group run is whether the physical pain is worse than the embarrassment factor or vice-versa. Still I'll take falling over running over falling of the bike; and I've done plenty of both!

    Hope you recover quickly!
  3. carlp

    carlp Active Member

  4. OP

    WiltshireWonder Active Member Staff Member

    Thanks! I'm still a bit battered. Foot/ankle is bruised and very slightly swollen. What's hurting more is the area around my left boob - I think I bruised my ribs. Don't think anything is broken but it's pretty uncomfortable!
  5. Mudrock

    Mudrock Regular Member

    How are you feeling?
    Hopefully you are resting and taking nice long hot baths.
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  6. TriTom

    TriTom Active Member

    Get well soon.
    Though about this the other day, went for a run a let my mind wander then for some reason realised that I wasn't watching where I was going, it was dark and wet and people would likely have their recycling boxes out on the path by their garden wall.
    Just made me think how in a split second I could have been face down in a world of pain.
  7. StephenR

    StephenR Active Member

    Hope your body, and your pride, are both recovering well.

    I fell today during a trail race as I was coming downhill when my toe caught a protruding rock.

    Luckily I was able to tuck and roll back onto my feet and carry on with only a very brief break in step.
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  8. OP

    WiltshireWonder Active Member Staff Member

    Thanks guys. I'm much better. Ribs still quite sore but i ran 6 miles today without any pain - I'm only sore if I breathe deeply so I stayed on the flats and stayed slow! I was due to start training with a new running coach tomorrow but I've delayed it a week - I want to be healthy.

    Thanks for the love though :smile:
  9. Redbadger

    Redbadger Regular Member Staff Member

    Glad to see you're on the mend @WiltshireWonder :smile: (and apologies for not posting a GWS :shy:)
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