Good sized running backpack with minimal bounce


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Can anyone recommend a good running backpack?

Something with minimal bounce. Looking to carry shirt (and jumper in colder months), a few snacks and maybe a water bottle. Shoes will be left at work.


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I have a Nathan backpack that I love.


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+1 with Nathan (mine is a HPL), have done a couple of marathons with mine, really comfortable with almost no bounce. Large enough for a 2L bladder, few snacks, water-proof top, water bottle, phone, emergency blanket.

Also have a Raidlight (Olmo 5), which I've not had the chance to put too many miles on yet. Large enough for a 2L bladder, lots of snacks, water-proof top, 2 water bottles and phone, emergency blanket.

Big thing I found if using a bladder is to remove as much air as possible to stop any sloshing.
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