GPS Watch vs Smartphone - What GPS device do you use when out on a run?


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Just wondered if any of you use a GPS watch when running or whether you prefer to use your smartphone (assuming most take a phone anyway)?

Garmin Forerunner seems to come up a lot in searches but are there better devices available, in your experience?


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Garmin 910xt is good if you like to ride or swim as well, first Garmin I got was the 310xt which was a really good multi sport watch just a little bulky.
Never had a watch just for running as I just used endomondo on my phone when I first started.


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I’ve gone through a couple of watches but now settled on the Garmin Fenix 3

Find it handy when doing duathalons as it can connect to all the ant+ stuff on the bike.
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GPS watch for me.

Started with a Garmin Forerunner 15, small and basic but the battery only lasted 4 hours so no good for marathon distance. Upgraded to a Forerunner 230 (good to 7+ hours), which I used with the heart rate monitor strap, then decided I wanted the built in heart rate monitor so went to a Forerunner 235.

I have pretty thin wrists so some of the bigger watches look a bit daft on me, the 235 is about the biggest i'd go.
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