Half Marathon is the perfect distance


In my long running career marathons were never an appeal (although manage to run London twice in the 90's) but the half marathon has always had a magical distance. I feel that if I can just reach the ten miles I will complete. In my younger running days my goal was a sub 1.30 and I did achieve with the help of my trusty casio as I needed to be running at 6.50 mile pace to get under the magical 1hr 30 (no fancy garmin then!) So it's a thinking runners distance working out best strategy as the miles gradually disappear. I prefer half marathons that are a bit more challenging and my personal favourite is prob now the Fromehalf run on a hilly traffic free course in July....do you have a favourite?


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100% agree.

I've done one marathon and I did really love it but I have a heart condition and I've decided the risks are too great, especially now I'm a mother. But the half-marathon is perfect. Long enough to test and to learn to suffer and persevere, short enough to fit the training into a busy life. My big goal for this year is a half-marathon PR and I'm gunning for it.

I also have a secret crush on the 10k.


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I do like the half as a stand alone distance, I've done Leeds 3 times the last of which I had a shocker due to being out of action in the lead up to it. I've always felt a marathon would be a compromise as in I wouldn't be able to achieve a decent time without focusing solely on training for it whereas a half marathon I can get a reasonable result whilst training for other things.
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