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Last night I set a new PB in the half marathon = 71'54 from 74'50. My last key workouts were: 90min long run (being 25km) at 14sec/km slower than yesterday's race pace (2 weeks ago). And then 5x10min (2' rest) at HM goal race pace (4 weeks ago). Aside from that, I fitted in 5k-1500m race pace or faster speed workouts for support, long runs up to 90min, moderate distance tempos (10-12k) at or faster than HM pace (more so during my earlier training build-up). My mileage was 70-90km, which is my sweetspot at the momentum. I run 2 sessions/workouts a week plus a moderate effort long run most weeks, and I take my easy runs pretty relaxed. That is of course what works for me right now...
If you'd like to see how things turned out in the race, feel free to check out the YouTube video I made:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiYrCjK5L3k&ab_channel=DylanStevenson
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