Hello! And a question...

HI guys nice to meet you all

30something from N Ireland

Im an avid cyclist but have also started running to mix it up a little with the hope of doing a duathlon in 2019

Unfortunately, however my running doesnt seem to be going particularly well over the last year.

Last October when I started and completed the C25K programme I suppose I was guilty of upping the ante too soon i.e. running as fast as I could for the last half mile or running up hills. The result>? Peroneal Tendonitis by December.

I got the physio I needed and all was good in April of this year - time to start again.

I started the C25K all over again and changed my runs to suit the injury but BANG in July I got the Peroneal Tendonitis in the other ankle/foot!

I've started running again over the last few weeks and so far everthing is grand. Just interestred to hear of anyone else on here that has battled the same injury or what they did to succesfully overcome it.

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