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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by nindiaswindia, May 9, 2018.

  1. nindiaswindia

    nindiaswindia New Member

    Hiya! How is everyone today?

    I’m a beginners runner, currently training towards my first 5k run. Joined this forum hoping to chat with some fellow runners. Also - any Runkeeper users out there? Would love some motivation and cheers after a run :P

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  2. TriTom

    TriTom Active Member

    Hi, welcome, what plan are you from likely no and how are you enjoying it so far?
  3. WiltshireWonder

    WiltshireWonder Active Member Staff Member

    You know this makes zero sense, don't you? :wacko:
  4. WiltshireWonder

    WiltshireWonder Active Member Staff Member

    Hi Nina - I had trouble with my replying abilities yesterday but welcome to RunningChat. I love a new runner - everything is so exciting that first time round! How are you finding the training going?
  5. TriTom

    TriTom Active Member

    Ha ha, that is hilarious, I didn’t know what you were talking about, I actually had to read my reply 3 times before I realised it had completely auto in-corrected.

    What I meant to say was
    What training plan are you following?
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