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I've been running since late 1998, although I did have a fairly long break when my children were small due to lack of time (and having put on a shed load of weight during pregnancy). Now back at it, and as I turn 50 this year, I have run 3 marathons to celebrate! I have one speed (slow) although next year's target is to improve my 5k and 10k times (and possibly my half marathon time too).


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Welcome Nessie and congrats on the marathons - a cracking achievement! :bravo:

And thanks for your posts, very informative and just what we need. :okay:
Hello :welcome:

It's really inspiring reading about your achievements as I'm an overweight guy in my mid 40's wanting to get fitter, and thought I was too old for running. Obviously not.

Well done Nessie.


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Definitely not too old FS, although taking i slowly to avoid injury is the way to go. Things heal a lot slower when you are not in your 20s anymore! :smile:
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