Help i would like to see a specalist about my calves


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Hello allo.

My name is Sam and I have an issue when running with my calves they turn to what feels like concrete when I run and are causing me issues.

I currently run with brooks trainer but have suffered this same issues with asics as well.

I would like to go and see a specialist to get more information about what is going on. Not sure if anyone knows of any around the Buckinghamshire area.

I'm ex armed forces but since coming out did let my self go and now I have started training for the rat race dirty weekend 2021. 20 miles and 200 obstacles.
I currently weigh 15 stone 4 and have also recently quit smoking. A 4.4 mile run yesterday took over an hour and I have 48 weeks to be able to cover the 20 miles.

Some would say I am a nutter for trying this but hey. I am looking to start the training plan provide on the rat race website at the end of august and the shortest steady state run is 11 miles. I need help as I have a long way to go.

If anyone has any information about a specialist I could talk to face time or even go and see that would be immense.

Thank you all


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Hi Sam!

sorry to hear about your consistent calf issue, have you been able to see someone yet for this?
Any recent updates with your progress?

Super awesome that youre prepping for that rat race!
Is it in August of 2021?
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