Help Please re painful big toe joint


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I have two big toes, both painful in the toe joint, some swelling and bruising on top between toenail and the main ball of foot joint. Restricted movement. Left toe worse than right. Could be arthritis. Could be just overuse. I am nearly 70 and last year upped my mileage doing over 3000 km. Has anybody suggestions on what to do. I have had running with pain now for about 3 months but really want to run another 20 years or more. New shoes helped; reduced mileage helped. Please please - advice needed....


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i use either Penetrex or some type of CBD cream on my big toe -- Hallux Rigidus -- I also wear compression socks.
Some days are better than others. Also keep track of what you eat. Certain foods make the inflammation/swelling worse than others.


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Similar problem but most toes - on both feet - start feeling sharp pain after runs (and walks) - usually about an hour or two into it. Just past few months - never had that problem before...
Have used sock liners but not really helping much. Tried new shoes and new orthotics but neither seems to help.
Had done 20 km. - with pain - but last time only made it about 11-12 km before pain got too much
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