Hills. - any advice on daily hill runs and how to stay encouraged with daily hills?


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I just moved. Its hilly where I now live. I was living where my routes where basically flat. I run 2 miles a day. I have done this for about 6 months. I have only an ok base. I'm still getting in to shape! I took 20 years off from running. So I am looking for some advice on how to approach a daily work out that is always a rolling hill. I also would like to know how you keep yourself encouraged with running routes like this!

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Work on your core, try and keep your back straight rather than what your body will naturally try and do, and hunch forward as you go up hill, the same goes for resisting leaning into the hill too much, if your not careful, you’ll put a lot of extra strain on your Achilles heels. When you come down the other side, try not to slap your feet down too hard, and try to keep your gait, cadence and speed as constant as you can. If you resist the down hill too much, that can cause strains, if you don’t resist enough, that can cause other strain issues.
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