I'm stuck on my 5K runs


I started jogging 2 years ago, and did it very simply and happily:
I just jogged 30 minutes 4 days a week (and 2 days of 30 min weight-training, which I do hard as well…as hard as my runs), at first I alternated walk and run until I could run the 30 minutes as I progressively lost my excess 22Kg.

All was happy till I noticed that…my times didn’t improve!. So I thought: “am I running too fast?”...so I got a heart-rate meter last week and did my usual 30min run…the meter said I ran at an average 85% of my Maximum Heart Rate…which is what I suspected, I always ran nearly as fast as I could, never able to run and talk.

My fitness is much better now and I’m otherwise quite happy…but I guess I’m stuck (not sure if the term burnt-out would apply). I even find it strange I haven’t injured myself.

I thought of: either taking up some online coaching (which I find expensive…about £60/monthly) or reading on this, but I don’t want to give this much more time.

My purpose is to improve my fitness as much as possible without exercising more than those weekly 30 minutes x 4 days + 2 weight sessions, no races intended, just to feel good.

I’d welcome any thoughts on this.

Age: 57
Weight: 80Kg
Height: 187cm
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