Is Cavin Woodward the greatest 100 mile runner, ever?

Discussion in 'General Running Discussions' started by Redbadger, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Redbadger

    Redbadger Regular Member Staff Member

    I stumbled across this old report of Cavin Woodward's epic run and thought it might be of interest.

    Can you imagine doing two and a half hour marathon and still having 74 miles to go? Check out the speed comparison with Kharitonov, Ritchie and Kouros:
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  2. Nessie

    Nessie New Member

    What a fascinating read! I can't claim to have an opinion on whether he is the greatest 100 mile runner, but anyone who can run round a track for 100 miles is great in my book, whetever their speed! A sub 2:30 marathon is incomprehensible in itself never mind, as you say, before the other 74 miles.

    I was reading recently about a challence William Sichel has set himself - setting 750 Ultra running records (including age graded ones - he is 64 after all). It's worth having a look at his website.
  3. WiltshireWonder

    WiltshireWonder Active Member Staff Member

    There are some pretty awesome 100-milers these days...Rob Krar, Scott Jurek in his time and Kilian Jornet who's my personal favourite. But running round a track for 100 miles?
  4. pubrunner

    pubrunner New Member

    A 100 miles ? I did a 3,000m once and that was enough.

    Some folk have the mindset to cope with numerous laps on the track - and some actually like it. A friend of mine ran for Salford Harriers in the 90s and his 10 mile pb (under 50 minutes) was done on the track.
  5. WiltshireWonder

    WiltshireWonder Active Member Staff Member

    I can't fathom that. I thoroughly enjoy a bit of track pain but we're talking 800's (I think I did a 1600 once). But I totally respect those who use the track for longer distances.
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