Is it worth getting orthopaedic adapted running shoes for my flat feet?


I've been jogging for a year or more now and I got used to my running shoes (just common inexpensive running shoes). I'm 56yo. Not to say that my flat feet make running a bit more challenging, but I mostly got used to it without any major issues, but I'd welcome a more comfy ride to be honest.

All I'm using is flat feet insoles (quite past their recommended use date by the way)

I wonder if it would be worth going to some specialised shop to get orthopaedic adapted shoes which will probably not be cheap.

Any advice much welcome.
Hi, I'd really recommend going to see a physio who will be able to give you exercises to strengthen your arch as well as recommending if you need insoles. I have been suffering for months with injury due to my arches falling and had all but given up, I managed to see my physio once she opened back up after lockdown, I've got strengthening exercises, insoles that help lift the arch and together with new trainers I really see a light at the end of the tunnel. Definitely get some professional advice, my insoles were £60 so you don't need to spend a fortune.
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