IT band syndrome


Started running a few weeks ago and seem to have developed a nasty injury to the outside of my right knee, looking online seems to be IT band related.
I had to stop running today as it got too painful.
Last yr i had the same on my other (left) leg while cycling which also forced me to call it quits for a few months.
Very frustrating as i was starting to enjoy running now i cant run or cycle!
I do strength workouts 3 times a week and have done for a long time.
I also stretch twice a week, but im going to up it to 3 times AM and add 20min PM but more IT related with foam rolling thrown in.

To warm up before a run i do some leg swings, hip circles and short walk, about 2/3min.

Anyway as ive got no chsnce of seeing a phisyo anytime soon with all thats going on i wondered if anyone has anything they can offer to help get me running again asap, or anything that has helped them.
Starting to feel like running and cycling im not made for!
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