Jogger’s Nipple or Runner's Nipple - What is it? - Symptoms - Causes - Treatment

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  1. Redbadger

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    What is it?
    Jogger’s nipple (or runner's nipple) is common in runners. It happens when nipples are irritated by rubbing against clothing which moves up and down as you run.

    Runner's nipple can be very painful and affect one or both nipples. Common symptoms of jogger’s nipple include:
    • Irritation
    • Soreness
    • Redness of the skin
    • Dryness
    If the nipple is irritated for a long period it may crack and bleed.

    Runner's nipple is common in women who run without a bra and men who wear shirts that are made of coarse material such as cotton. It is also more likely to occur in colder months when the nipple is hard or more prominent.

    A short rest from running will prevent further irritation and help your nipple heal. You can use an antiseptic cream on your nipple to treat the irritation and prevent infection. Vasaline will also help to prevent further irritation.

    • Apply an anti-chafing balm or petroleum jelly, such as Vasaline, to your nipples prior to exercise.
    • Apply a waterproof adhesive bandage, or surgical tape over each nipple before exercise to act as a barrier between skin and cloth.
    • If you are a woman, wear a soft fibre and seamless bra.
    • If you are a man wear tops made from soft material.
    • Wear a sports bra, shimmel, compression vest, or some variety of chest binding clothing.
    • Wear tops made of coarse material.
    • Use a large, loose-fitting T-shirt during exercise.
  2. runner

    runner Member

    Vaseline liberally spread works for me every time :smile:
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  3. Drhysted

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    Body glide for me if I’m doing anything over 6 miles.
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  4. carlp

    carlp Active Member

    Never had it.
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  5. TriTom

    TriTom Active Member

    Remember having bleeding nips when I first did 13 miles, I wore a rugby shirt which although was a newer style technical top it was quite thick and not designed for distance.
    Don't get it nowadays as I use lighter technical t shirts, sometimes a little sore if I do a lot longer distance than I've done in a while and it's cold.
  6. Truth

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    Run topless :laugh:
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  7. runner

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    difficult to do on winter :smile: Vaseline is the perfect solution just got myself a new tub today smeared liberally and went for 90mins run..lovely jubbly
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  8. Truth

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    Massive fan of Vaseline myself ! ☺
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