kinesiology tape, does it work?


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My wife started running about 8 months ago (couch to 5k) and had pain in her knee, she had a support she used when she used to go to the gym and wore that, it stopped the pain but was bulky. She tried some Kinesiology tape and that seemed to do the trick, her knee is now strong enough (muscles supporting it?) that she doesn't use the tape.

I have a bit of a recurring ankle strain that comes when I "overdo" it and use a support sometimes. I tried the tape with no real expectation of success but was quite surprised at the amount of support it seemed to provide, the ankle doesn't particularly hurt when I run or when I finish running if I use the tape.

I did wonder if it was a bit of a placebo effect. So to cut to the chase, does anyone else use the tape and what are your experiences of it?

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I don't use it, but all the stuff I've read suggests placebo.


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I suspect the science behind it is minimal/non-existent but it definitely seems to somehow make a significant difference to many people. Nothing wrong with a placebo if it works for you!

My husband used it for a while and swore by it, but he does like a good placebo.


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My wife has used it to provide support to some of her patients and after experiencing it myself, I tend to agree that it works ?
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