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So I started running literally last month so I know nothing and as of right now it is really more of an intermittent slow jog in between some walking. I have been doing a 5K route around my neighborhood and am wanting to do some virtual 5k events for my first running event experience as I am extremely self conscious about my fitness level. i am currently about 100 lbs overweight and have been dieting/cycling/walking to try to get the weight off. I have had a few knee injuries over the years including a hyper-extended right knee (required a brace and crutches for 6 weeks), and two moderately severe strains of my left knee (I possibly tore something but I never got it diagnosed). Anyway I have started running small distances (1/4 mile stretches) on pavement and am having some knee pain. In the beginning it was both knees so naturally I felt I should push through because I think they are just weak and of course they are going to hurt due to not being conditioned and also my weight. However on my little run yesterday my left knee was definitely hurting more and it was sharper pain with impact. I expect to have some knee pain simply because of my weight and lack of experience running but I am looking for any advice on exercises I can do to strengthen vulnerable joints? Also any opinions/advice on knee braces? do they help? hurt? how do you guys feel about running with them. I wear Asics when I run which i feel are pretty good but I have so little experience that I would appreciate any and all advice. Thanks!


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Its incredible that you've been running, cycling, and dieting to help you get healthier.
Im sorry to hear about your knee pain that keeps coming up during your runs.

Have you have any progress with this? Have you been able to continue running?
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