London Marathon 2018 - Anyone racing or running in the charity event?


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Are any of you racing or running on behalf of a charity? Anyone looking to enter the 2019 Marathon ballot in early May?

Who's your money on for the pro's races?
Bekele and Kipchoge will both be on the start line in 2018, the two fastest men in a field that contains four who have run the 26.2-mile distance under 2 hours 4 minutes and eight who have finished quicker than 2:06.

Among them are five Abbott World Marathon Majors winners and two former world champions, plus two-time winner Kipchoge and the second fastest Briton of all time, multiple world and Olympic track champion Mo Farah.

With his best of 2:03:03, Bekele is the second quickest man in history and the fastest in the London field. After finishing third on his London debut in 2015, the 35-year-old placed second last year when he came agonisingly close to catching Wanjiru in the closing stages.


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It's a good smack-down for the pro race. I'm excited about it. I'm more excited about seeing what Allie Kieffer, the US runner, can do! She crushed NYC!

I'd love Mo to win but I'm not sure he will. But I'll be cheering him on.
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