Looking for my ideal pair of trail running shoes

Discussion in 'General Running Discussions' started by Ron81, Jul 22, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    I’d your help please. A few years ago i got into trail running. Back then i got just the first best pair of nikes as an intro. They were good (not great but good) but man, after a few weeks they stank! I discovered the thick polyester upper didn’t help my sweating feet. Switched to asics and found them overall a lot better! Only issue, every single pair of asics i had very quickly wore out in the area of the little toe. So i tried new balance as some people said they were wider. True but their overall life span and comfort was very low. Then i found a pair of icebugs that cost me almost nothing. Reading up on them i found nothing but great reviews. To me they are extremely cold from underneath (which surprised me considering they were made for winter running) and too hot in the upper (which was less surprising). So i’m hoping to find MY ultimate pair of trail runners: highly breathable mesh upper, yet insulated from below (my feet only get cold from below but that can become a real issue on long runs - is there a way to determine the insulation from below? Does it maybe have to do with the rock plate?), neutral yet supportive in the heel area (like the asics), wider toe box, very protected (leather?) toebox as that’s were all my shoes tend to wear through, medium to lowish drop (ideally 6 – 8 mm), long lasting sole, able to deal with sand, forest trails and wet rock (the asics were pretty good dealing with wet rock, slightly better than icebug. The nikes were in a league of their own due to their sticky sole but i found the sticky sole to be counterproductive on sand). Price is not an issue provided i don't have to replace them every couple of months.
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