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Hey guys, new here, but I was looking for a place I can talk to other runners for some morning running routines and found this forum site.

So I recently got back into running a few months back, starting out running at night then eventually changed it to running in the mornings. When I first starting running in the morning I would wake up at 5AM give my self about 10 minutes to drink a pre-workout and get dressed, about that time the pre-workout would cause my typical bowel movement which would take about another 10 minutes. So by 5:20 (if I'm lucky) I'm able to go outside, do a little warm-up and stretch, and run, depending on the day about 1 mile to 1.85 miles (I'm slowly building my endurance back up). By the time I'm done running its about 5:35-5:40ish, to which I then rush to drink my post-workout, shower, get dressed, and rush out the door by 6 to make it to work at 7. Now that my distance is getting a little longer I've been waking up at 4:45-4:50ish to give my self extra time.

So, here's where I'd like some advice from more experienced runners. First off, would you guys do anything differently to in my morning routine based on what I shared above. Second, since I am pretty much doing a fasted run in the mornings, what should I eat the night before to give my body plenty of energy to burn for the run. And of course if you have any other tips you'd want to share I'm open to feedback and suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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