Niggling calf injury how best to resolve?


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I'm after some advice I only started running last October(48 year old male), with the goal of running a half marathon within the next 12 months. In the past 6 months I have a niggling calf pull that has flared up 4 times. This stops me running for 4 weeks then I have to start from scratch again.

What I would like some advice on is how to proceed? Should I just continue with the running and it will resolve itself or is it worth paying to get a personal trainer to develope a tailored training plan?

Thanks in advance


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I would suggest a physio as it could be something solved relatively easy once you know what’s causing it but it’s usually not straight forward figuring out what’s causing issues, usually the body recruits other muscles to compensate for a weakness and they usually take too much strain and give up first so it could be something not really calf related but the calf is picking up the slack so to speak.
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