Right hip - hurts after running and can't straighten leg


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Hi All

I've been running for 8 years, doing usually 2 or 3 * 10k runs per week. I've had niggles, shin splints and a few minor things, but now I'm experiencing something lasting and a bit debilitating.

Since Autumn last year my right hip/thigh and lower back have been sore. It's mainly the hip, and 'feels' like the other two parts hurt because of it. It comes on and off. It's always running that triggers the hip flare up (I can do HIIT training sessions and it doesn't aggravate it).

During my run I feel okay, but I notice my times are quite poor, and I feel like I'm holding back a little for fear of hurting the hip (yet it happens anyway!)

That probably all sounds very vague, but I noticed something today (after gentle 5k run which again triggered the discomfort): When lying on my back on the floor, I can raise my left leg to vertical, totally straight, and bend my toes towards the floor while stretching my heel towards the ceiling. This feels like a good stretch, no discomfort. But when I try to do the same with the right… I can't even get my right leg straight! It gets to maybe 5 to 6 on the clock face and the pain kicks in. Equally, if I try to point my heel towards the ceiling, same thing!

Hoping someone can identify what this might be and what might remedy it?

Thanks in advance!


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I've had similar, a visit to a physio for some strengthening and stretching advice could be a good idea for you.
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