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I'm a beginners runner, currently training to do my first 5k run. I've been trying and comparing several running apps but Runkeeper is the one that suits me the best. However, it gets a bit lonely sometimes since I have no friends using it. Would be great to have some friends to cheer our runs and keep each other motivated. Any Runkeeper users out there?



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Not used runkeeper personally, I record everything in my Garmin then upload Strava, Garmin Connect and training peaks.
I used endomomdo when I first started running.


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Strava and TrainingPeaks for me (plus whichever device that I happen to be using's website e.g. Garmin Connect or Suunto Movescount). I did use Endomondo for a long time.

For better or worse Strava seems to be where most of my workout friends (real and online-only) are.
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