Running one hour with 30 minutes and a 20 minutes recovery run.


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I’m 66 years old and I run 3x a week. I want to run a half a marathon in March. What do you guys suggest for a training plan? I used the couch to 5K and the 10 K app. I loved it. They don’t have half marathon or marathon app. I try using the Nike and some others running app but they not as good as the couch to 5k app.

I was thinking of continuing my schedule and gradually increase my long run time and adding another run of intervals-running 4x a week.I google a running coach near me and found one coach online and they can help me with running plans for a fee.
So what should be my next move? Thanks in advance.


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You've pretty much got it sorted with your own plan, are you targeting a time or just wanting to finish?
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