Running with anxiety


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New to the forum here.
I'm 39yo male, been active all my life, but I got into running for the past 5-6 years.
I usually run 3-4 times p/w around 6-6.5km at a 5:50 per km aprox pace.
I don't have any health issues (not that I know of) but been fighting anxiety for some time now. Which leads me to my point :smile:
Due to the panic attacks, where normally the pulse is elevated, I started to associate same with my running/exercises.
I got a Garmin Forerunner 235 just to be able to control my HR, as I was affraid I might get a heart attack if itngoes too high. However, I get a bit anxious from timw to timw when running. As soon as I see my hr goes over 160, I slow down, and then I get upset because I know its all in my head and I can do much better.
My question is, should elevated hr frighten me, or not?
For ex today was a bit warm, i went for a run but my average was 160bmp for 6.50 av pace.
And I immediately got anxious thinking something is wrong with my heart as I run slow but still get elevated hr. But in principle, it feels like Im nkt running, not getting tired.

Sorry for the long post


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Try looking at the Maffetone program, after a while of fowllowing that apparently it allows you to run faster at lower heart rates.
I really should try it as whenever I run my heart rate is sky high and I just don’t have the time/discipline to follow the program and run slow (not that I’m a particularly quick runner).
I wouldn’t say 160 is particularly high.
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