Smelly trainers: Put them in the freezer to stop them smelling - is this a myth or does it work?


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I saw this advice on a running site and wondered if anyone had heard of it and maybe even tried it? Did it work?

The theory seems to be that the cold kills the bacteria responsible for making them smell. I might get my friend to test them. He's not a runner but does have the most awful smelly trainers. :smile:


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I would get murdered in my sleep if I put my trainers in the freezer, I'm not a fan of washing them, certainly don't put them in the washing machine, at best I leave them outside to air off, doesn't always work though.


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My feet are cold enough without going out in frozen trainers!!

But seriously, my road shoes occasionally go in the washing machine and my trail shoes get hosed down (which doesn't do much for the temperature of my feet either to be fair...)
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