Strange things you see while running (or cycling)


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This morning on the ride to work saw a man out running in shorts and long sleeved top..... with a full size umbrella up!
Maybe it's just me but I found that a rather unusual solution to the rain, personally I would have just got wet, especially when running I either get wet from the outside or put on a jacket and get wet from the inside, so I generally base my clothing on heat.

what other odd things have you seen whilst out?


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A few years ago, we were running through the forest outside Oakland and this guy ran towards us on the trails in a beautiful old-fashioned three piece suit. Proper shoes on too. NO idea where he was going.

My husband saw a bobcat once when out for a run. And we saw rattlesnakes. But I'm not sure they class as 'odd'.

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I once saw a man up a tree whilst mountain biking through a wood. He said he was looking for his dog.
Very strange!
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