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Not sure if this is what this section is for but how about a little about your club?

I'm a member of Harrogate Tri club, it's been going for about 4-5 years, I joined in its second year and membership has been growing with over 100 members (think there were about 40 when I joined) strangely some people are members but either never train with us at all (I'm one of those at the moment but I'm not training elsewhere) or they train with a running club and a cycling club rather than with us.

Wednesday swim, Thursday run, Sunday bike is the usual club sessions but the swim is really the only one set in stone as pool has to be booked and paid for, they have started doing a Monday spin class.
We have a coach who sets sessions on TrainingPeaks usually 6 days a week, with 1or 2 days having a run or swim plus S&C.
Mondays through summer is open water swimming at the local water sport centre which was an old quarry, there's a couple of territorial swans there for the first few session of the year but they soon learn to share!!!!


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I'm a member of Gatley Runners; it was set up by a guy celebrating his 50th and wanting to do a bucket list of things including run a 5km. So he did 0-5km with a group of people from the local Facebook page - I joined in the first few weeks and now we regularly run more 0-5km groups and have regular (Tuesday and Thursday) runs for people that can already run 40 mins continuously.

We have 150ish members but the regular runs only usually get between 5 and 15 people (different each time oddly) - this does mean we have a wide range of paces and double back for the slower runners. The faster runners are fine with this (they still get their 40 mins running), some of the slower runners are OK with this but others feel they are 'holding back' the faster runners - despite being repeatedly told otherwise. The middle order are the most challenging as doubling back means they'll have to run further - even though however you look at it you still run 40 minutes at a pace of your choice...

Its great fun and I've made lots of good friends.


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I'm a newish member of the Marlborough Running Club - it's the first run club I've ever been in and I seriously love it. There are probably 20-ish people who come out on a Wednesday night. So far we've done timed 10ks, head torch trail runs, a track session, urban's been really fun. There are some incredibly fast people and some plodders (hand up) but it's been a really welcoming group and I've enjoyed every session. We just started an Improvers group to encourage people who can run 30 mins or so to build up to be able to join our Wednesday group with confidence.

I'm new to the area and it's been such a fun thing to get involved with.
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