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I have had a pain on the front of my left ankle, where the top of the foot meets the leg, for five months now. The pain began in the last week of November 2018 after I started running again and doing some long walks. The runs were short, about 4k. I've had similar pain in the past from having flat feet and in the past I would get new custom orthotics and new runners and rest my feet and the pain would go away in a few days. It's been five months now with both the new custom orthotics and new stabilizing runners and even though I haven't run and rarely walked much in the last five months the pain is as bad as it was last November. I've seen my GP multiple times and gotten two XRays which showed no fractures or bone spurs. I saw a podiatrist who shrugged and said I have really flat feet and new orthotics should help (they haven't). I've been going to weekly physio, committing myself to daily calf stretching and ankle strengthening. I also just saw a foot and ankle specialist who just said to keep doing physio and come back in three months.

This has been unbelievably frustrating and depressing. The physiotherapist and specialist seem to lean towards an anterior tibialis strain, but everything I've read says that this should have resolved months ago. It could possibly be ankle impingement from scar tissue. But this is all guessing because I haven't had MRI which which might show soft tissue injuries. Here in Canada you wait six months to get an MRI and if its not a medical emergency then getting a referral is almost impossible.

I've read up on ankle impingement and it kind of feels like that. It's not a sharp pain, but an aching soreness on the top of my left ankle that feels like something impinging when I dorsiflex. This is usually accompanied by a burning sensation on the lateral and front of the left shin. The pain in the front of the left ankle is worse when I weight bear and walk, but a dull ache is almost always present, even when resting.

Has anyone out there had a similar injury? Did you have any treatment that worked?

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Get an ultrasound scan of the affected leg done. It’s possible that you’ve caused some soft tissue damage, or have micro tears. I’ve suffered from shin splints in the past as well, ice baths after whatever caused it might help.
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