Trail running shoes for £60 or under

Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for mens trail running shoes. Budget is £60 maximum, but cheaper would be fine. I'm size 9 if it matters at all.


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What fit my size 9 feet are not guaranteed to fit yours. Running shoes are a very personal thing and I avoid making recommendations to others because of that.

FWIW my I bought my trail shoes in the sales for a tad under £60 and they are one of the Salomon brand.

John the Monkey

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Stuff I have tried and liked,

Asics Gel Kakuna (Decathlon Exclusive)
Ran 500 or so km in these - work ok on packed trail, road (although like a lot of trail shoes they are firm) and the odd bit of mud. Cost me £45 in their sale.

Adidas Galaxy Trail (£30 in a Sports Direct sale)
Ok, the plus is their cushioning which makes mixed road & trail a bit more comfortable (on the road bits). I found myself oddly between sizes, settling on a 9.5, but they're probably a little large. I tend to use them as my long runs shoe now.

My friends like the Kalenji trail shoes, although they seem a bit firm to me. Also heard good things about the Karrimor trail shoes, albeit from someone who runs in anything at all :smile:


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As John says the Decathlon shoes do have quite firm soles, which might be good or it might be bad, depends on what kind of terrain you'll be running on.

I over pronate and find that they're good for upto about five miles on mixed terrain, after that my calves tend to tighten up a bit.

If you're lucky though, like Mrs Stephec was, you'll find Decathlon selling off last years Salomons for £55.00.
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