Training or just running?


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Are you just going out for a run or are you actually training for something? If so, what?
Personally I think it's an overused phrase, by cyclists too, who aren't actually training for anything.
So, I'm just someone who runs, like I'm just someone who rides a bike.
How about you?


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I run because I enjoy it. It boosts my body and clears my mind, but It could be said that all running is training.


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Currently running to keep /improve fitness, when I enter an event then I'll tailor the training to it.


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I have two main goals when I run,
The main one is to better my times for a park run , and the second one , is to maintain a weekly mileage of 30+ A week.

So it’s a kind of a training,but with a focus on enjoyment. Like mixing the up the pace, routes and terrain.

Like tonight’s run was only 3 miles, but done after a 12 hour shift and in the dark, as I forgot my lights, but a great way to complete the day, with a smile.


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When I go out I usually have a specific goal in mind, x miles at y pace, a set of intervals, etc.

Even if I'm not looking towards a particular event I'm still trying to improve on previous times.


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I train most of the year with a week or two 'off' after each key race - when I'm training I actually have a schedule of runs that are balanced so as to ensure enough recovery time between the hard runs. However, when I'm not training I'll just run when and as I feel with no schedule - most will be easy but some will be hard, but they'll all just be what I feel like doing on the day...


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Bit of both, I like running and generally getting out of the house (running, walking, cycling) but I'll also be training for any events that I have planned, although I'm not competitive.


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At the moment I'm just 'running' but as of Monday I start training. I think 'training' has a focus and a goal and I have a 10-miler in February that I really want to crush. I think training involves different types of run and a plan to peak at a certain moment. I love just going out for a run but I'm really excited to start training hard.


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If it's just for fun then it's just running but if it is to improve either fitness or speed/endurance whether you have an event planned or not then it's training.
In short if you are measuring results with a view to improve then it's training.
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