Very high heart rate at beginning of run


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I’m 38, F, and consider myself to be in very good shape. My most recent 5k time this summer was 23:24 last summer. I just got a Whoop monitor a few months ago to track my health and recovery. My heart rate resting is around 40 bpm and HRV around 100 average. I recently started a training plan that is a pretty aggressive 5k training plan where I’m training on average 5-6 days a week and putting in almost an hour total per session. I noticed that my heart rate is spiking right at the beginning of every run. It goes as high as 190 sometimes. Today was an “easy” run and I tried my hardest to literally shuffle the beginning of the run and go really slow. It still spiked! In fact, it was only AFTER I decided to pick up the pace and then settle back into a comfortable pace that my heart went down to about 160-170, and stayed there for the entirety of my easy run. At no point was I uncomfortable or winded. The odd thing is, on the days when I really push myself, I feel like my heart rate is also in this range of 180-190, albeit for longer. The current amount of running on this program is more running than I usually do, but not more working out. I was doing a lot more functional training this winter. And my heart didn’t go up this high on a regular basis - and I felt like that kind of training was very intense. Any explanations for this? It’s just very frustrating because I don’t know if I should be concerned for my heart, and I really can’t go any slower.
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