Waterproof Trail Trainers - suggestions please


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Just joined and looking for guidance for trainers to use for walking.

I can't walk much due to ill health (about 15mins/day)

I'm looking for some trainers that are comfortable and are waterproof.

I tried some Salomon XA Elevate GTX via mail order, initially a size 8, but too tight, so tried the 8.5, but still a bit tight width-wise. I also thought they probably were a bit firm; not enough cushioning.

I know ideally I'd go to a shop to try on, but due to above mentioned health issues, that's very difficult.

I have a pair of old Merrell Moab mid boots in 8.5 that are a reasonable fit (but leak) and also a pair of New Balance All Terrain trainers in an 8 which are fine for fit, but not waterproof.

I was also looking for lightweight boots to replace the worn out Moabs; tried some Salomon 3 GTX in a wide fitting, but a bit too snug/tight and it looks like a another pair of Moabs that I've just received will be ok!...

So, I'm wondering if Merrels are a good (wide) fit for me and if their Nova Gore-tex shoe might do the job?

Any thoughts on these and any other suggestions most welcome please

Many thanks


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Any ideas please for wide fit, waterproof trainers?



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One thing I was told whilst running round a very muddy trail race was that, as they keep water out they also hold it in, so if you step in a big puddle potentially you're going to be walking round with a trainer full of water unless you take them off to empty them.
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