waterproofs or get wet?


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It was the first time I "had" to run in the rain today, and I opted for a waterproof, but I got too hot.
I'm wondering if it's more comfortable to just suck it up and get wet - or do I just need a better jacket?


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All depends on how long your run is, and how cold it is, but I usually wear cycling wind proof shirt, with normal running pants.

For me, running in the rain, which I thoroughly enjoy,
but the biggest problem is ,
my glasses get streamed up, so I tend to leave them off.
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Both for me ;) I find a proper waterproof gets sweaty very quickly so when its warm I don't bother at all, in the cold I'll stick on something like this Higher State ultralight smock or a cycling gilet which slows down the ingress of moisture enough that I'm at least warm and wet rather than cold and wet - and if I get too hot its small enough to stick in a shorts pocket or flip/spi belt.


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I hate getting wet and cold so I wear a waterproof jacket but not much underneath - maybe just a t-shirt or a vest-top. But the most important thing is a baseball cap to keep the rain out my eyes because THAT is horrible.


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Ah, see I wear glasses so the rain doesn't go in my eyes, but sometimes I can't see.
I wear a buff, headband style, over my ears to keep them warm and to keep my hair off my face.


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Get wet... I find most waterproof act as a 'boil in the bag' item when I run so I get wet either way.
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