What does your running week look like?


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I generally try to get out three times a week, usually evenings. I've previously done five or six times per week, but feel better, generally, just doing three. The rest days seem to help, but to be fair it's more a matter of circumstances dictating the free time I have. Given the chance I'd probably do more.

How about the rest of you? Do you structure your running and try to get a minimum mileage / number of days in, or are you more relaxed? And do you think rest days help?


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2016 it was close to 6 times a week.
2017 it dropped to about 3 to 5.
Last year it was very fluid as every time I recovered from an injury I found another. By the end of 2018, beginning 2019, it was down to 2 every 8 days (I work an 8 day shift pattern).

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Depends what's in the programme, but generally one or two HR based interval runs, with two zone 2 runs and a long run.

I've been running according to Garmin's pre-set training programmes, and finding them pretty useful so far.


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No structure at all, get out as and when I can and feel like it the 2 don’t often align. Some weeks I don’t run at all, some I run once or twice.
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